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Threshold of the archipelago national park

Korpo (in Finnish Korppoo) is situated in the middle of the archipelago. Only one tenth of the surface area is land, the rest is water. The largest island is Kyrkland, another central island is Norrskata. Ferries take you to the Archipelago National Park and to Jurmo and Utö in the outer islands.

See the grey stone church on Korpo that originates in the 1200's, the wooden church on Norrskata and the chapels on Aspö and Jurmo. Visit the district museum or the weather radar, and get a good view of the national park from the interesting look out tower on Rumar. The light house on Utö is the oldest in Finland. Jurmo is at the end of the Salpauselkä ridge that runs across the whole of Southern Finland finishing in the Baltic. The island of Jurmo is known for its flatfish.

For those arriving with their own boat there are several guest harbours. You can get to Korpo from Nagu by ferry, and from the main island there are ferry connections to Norrskata and Wattkast. From Helsinki and Turku there are direct bus connections. From Korpo you can continue your journey on the Archipelago Trial to Houtskär.

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