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Small, tough, rugged, and wild

Iniö is a small municipality, but it has a shore line of 700 kilometers in length. Toughness is represented by the wild violet, which with the tufts of chives spreads into the crevices in the rocks.

The island of Iniö is an attraction in itself, but you might also visit the Sofia Wilhelmina church, take a stroll in the old picturesque village, or a walk along the nature trails, as well as go and see the wind mill and saw mill on Åselholm. There are tourist services available: a lunch restaurant, coffee shop, and B & B accommodation. Fishing trips and guided walks on the nature trail can be arranged.

There are several ferry connections between Iniö and Kustavi daily throughout the year which allow you to continue on around the Archipelago Trial. During time of open water it is also possible to get connections to the Archipelago Trial from Houtskär. Boat people can tie up in the guest harbour on Norrby or drop in at the village harbours at Söderby, Jumo or Åselholm.

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