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A view of the Archipelago Sea

Houtskär is a combination of forested islands and barren outer skerries. You can go on a boat trip to the islands of Jungfruskär, which were formerly a military zone where landing was prohibited. The Jungfruskär group of islands is one of the most beautiful and mysterious in the Archipelago National Park. Alternatively you can enjoy things cultural on Houtskär, visit the district museum and the boat museum. Or you can relax and take it easy and breathe the pure island air.

Houtskär offers a wide range of tourist services: restaurants, cottage villages, fishing trips, boat trips, and cultural events. The Näsby guest harbour is centrally located.  And you can tie up for a short while to the jetties on Björkö and Kittuis. During time of open water there is a ferry connection that allows you to travel from Houtskär onwards on the Archipelago Trial route to Iniö, and from there throughout the year to Kustavi.

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